About the Deva Foundation

Rachel Kaufman & Rick Phillips

Rachel Kaufman & Rick Phillips

In the spring of 1988, Rick Phillips and Rachel Kaufman founded the Deva Foundation, an international organization dedicated to radically transforming the consciousness of the planet.  “By teaching people to love themselves,” explains Rachel, “that is the simplest explanation of Deva Work.  People come to Deva Work wanting to love themselves, and through their sessions and guidance of their Higher Selves, they gain the tools necessary to ever deepen that love in the totality of their lives.  And, for often the first time in their lives, they have the ability to operate freely, with joyful purpose.”

Rick elaborates, “Operating purely from the heart is opening in pure freedom.  And that’s what Deva Work sessions do, bring you into your heart.  Where, guided by your Higher Self, you transform and release any energy that stands between you and pure, loving, operational freedom.  Self Judgment, the most crippling, wasteful affliction of our times, is transformed.  Not released, transformed.  Judgment, which is a mind-body creation, cannot exist in the love of the heart.  We teach people to find and claim the love that is rightfully their individual existence.  And through that, tangible, vibrating Divine Love transforms the paralysis of self-judgment into liberating action.”

Rachel and Rick are married.  Their 35 acres in theValencia Valley, New Mexico, just outside Santa Fe, is also headquarters of the Deva Foundation.  The Deva Building, where clients come to do individual Deva inner work as well as participate in workshops and retreats, is within site of their 120-year old adobe home.

Rick, a native Texan, came to New Mexico almost 40 years ago at the prompting of an inner call.  At the time, he was an environmental scientist by occupation and a teacher of meditation and student of Chinese medicine.  His personal spiritual journey leading to the creation of Deva Work with Rachel Kaufman is chronicled in his books, Windows to the Soul and Healing Communication: A Psychospiritual Approach. Rachel Kaufman’s career began in the mainstream, albeit cutting edge, of psychotherapy.  She established the first Special Education program for the San Antonio, Texas School System and served as an Educational Consultant for many years while also maintaining both a private practice in Transpersonal psychology and a clinical psychotherapeutic practice for both families and individuals.

But Spirit, operating as spirit often does, by real-life circumstances, called her back to her native New Mexico.

While both Rachel and Rick were instrumental in the founding and expansion of the Light Institute in Galisteo, New Mexico, eventually their combined backgrounds, personal explorations and spiritual callings led to a different path, and onward to the creation of the Deva Foundation, their non-profit, global organization of planetary education and change.

“Deva” means “Divine” in Sanskrit.  Connection to the Divine is the transformational heart of Deva Work.

However, it is not necessary for one to have any formal religious beliefs to experience the Divine.  As Rachel reports, “We have worked with people of probably every known and unknown definition of the Divine there is.  Doesn’t matter what you call it, Deva Work clears a pathway to your own, individual connection, interaction, and association with the heart.  You know and tangibly feel Spirit active in your life.  People invariably report that operative, tangible connection after their sessions.  They have, literally, spoken with their Higher Selves, and that communication continues into their daily lives with very specific inner knowledge, integration and actual daily energetic tools given to the individual, for the individual, by the  individual’s Higher Self.  This is very practical, tool-oriented work.”

What is Deva Work?

It begins as a four-session series of individual concentration and exploration.  The Deva methodology is an entirely individual process.  While everyone’s session usually begin in the same way, resting in complete comfort and remarkable inner safety on a specially designed, supportive table, no two sessions can ever be the same. For each individual connects with her or his Higher Self and the Higher Self leads the session.

“Higher Self is just a term to describe spiritual energy.  We also call that part of Inner Love and knowing the Divine Heart, the Inner Knowing, or anything else that resonates semantically for you.  Words are only a label for Divine Energy,” assures Rachel.

How does Deva Work work?

“Deeply,” explains Rick. “We are operating at a cellular, causal level.  This is not some mind-body, talk-it-out, verbal thing.  Words alone simply cannot penetrate to the casual planes.  Words, with emotions attached to them, may bring symptomatic relief, but this is not often permanent.  The permanently transformed energy operates from the heart level.  A place the mind cannot talk itself into, by itself.  The mind, alone, can cause illusion and pain, but the mind, alone, can heal nothing.  It must be in concert with all your levels, multi-dimensionally.  We live on a multi-dimensional heart, mind, body, emotional, cellular level.  Even members of the traditional psychotherapeutic community are beginning to wrestle with the limits of mind-only, strictly-verbal processing.”

“Well,” continues Rick. “People are tired of operating from judgment and limits and pain.  People are ready to take responsibility for their lives and want to bring joy into their lives.  They don’t want to wait anymore.  They want to change.  They want love.  They want freedom.  They want joy.  And they want it now.  And they’re willing, even eager, to do the work to get there. By opening inwardly to the power of Spirit, anything can be healed along with the teachings that bring understanding and clarity to the mind.”