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We would like to inform you that Deva Foundation is closing our doors after 32 years of service. All things must pass but many of our projects are prospering here and around the world much to our interest and delight. Deva is still alive in the many Deva Facilitators trained around the world along with the charitable organizations that are continuing to use the gifts that many of you have channeled through into helping the world with such compassion. In small ways, yet significantly, Deva has touched many deeply, in almost every country on the planet. May these blessings continue to deepen from this point forward.

Rachel Kaufman and Rick Phillips want to express their deep gratitude for the opportunity to lead this fine organization and to be a part of all that it has accomplished over the years. For further information you can still reach us:

            PO Box 309, Glorieta, NM 87535 USA






Here at the Deva Foundation, we work with people from all over the world, both to help them with their individual spiritual growth and to support planetary healing.

Deva work was first created in 1988 out of our desire to help people gain knowledge of their inner world, expand their consciousness, and increase their sense of personal well-being while more deeply and richly fulfilling their unique human and spiritual potential. We have found, as have our clients, that when we open our compassionate and joyful hearts, all the universe benefits.

We have trained many other people to do Deva work over the years. Right now, we have Deva facilitators working in ten countries in sixteen languages. We are located in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Whether you would like to come to New Mexico to work or experience Deva closer to home or in another language, we can help! Learn more about the Deva Foundation.

Individual and Group Retreats

In addition to offering Deva work, we host individual and group retreats. Our Retreat Facilities are spacious and beautiful and the pristine New Mexico landscape inspires a profound connection to Spirit. We are happy to custom design a retreat experience for you or make the land available for your group and group leaders.


Deva Facilitator Training in Italy at the Deva Academy, Castel San Pietro Terme

For more information contact Cosimo in Italy: https://www.cosimomendis.com/en/



“My sessions at the Deva Foundation were extraordinary! I opened new doors of  treasured inner knowledge that led to an unparalleled journey into pristine cellular  memories. Exceptional work and highly recommended.”

Barbara Marciniak
author of Bringers of the Dawn; Earth; and Family of Light

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