Mystical Musings #1


Our Deva website has finally been given a new life symbolic of our personal and community re-creation. We are completing one cycle of the Tarot, 22 years of service since our dream began manifesting in late 1987. All the archetypes have been generous in their teachings; the Death /Rebirth archetype ushered in the needed change when Rachel and I left the Light Institute in Galisteo, NM and recently it shook our world again as we passed through Rachel’s transformative health crisis and near-death experience.

Many individuals fear the arrival of the unexpected trials that blast their way into our lives; I certainly felt the trauma when Rachel set the stage for her near-death experience of both lungs shutting down due to blood clots in her pulmonary arteries and then again when the medicine that was to heal her blew her brain apart with a massive hemorrhage putting her into a coma for 3 weeks. Many of you know the story of her miraculous journey. But all those dramas are not really the point; it is the journey which returns us back to our essential humanity that is crucial. The gods duty as they spin their archetypal energetic webs around our concepts is to wake us up to that which we have not been aware of, bringing us back home to our authenticity of purpose and back to a unique expression of a living human being.

One aspect of life is to strip away the unnecessary attachments of who we think we are into who we truly are. As we can see all around us at this moment in history is that humans generally need a good stimulus to pay attention beyond the habits of the status quo. Rachel’s life is one of example; she has never shied away from the unspeakable, but repeatedly brought it out to us all to contemplate, if not to participate in. Death/rebirth is the central theme of evolution and Deva is now restructuring to improve its ability to be of service in a world in need.

A review of our Deva history shows that we have been a force for good. We have educated and trained thousands in the areas of personal growth, spirituality and psychology, and have inspired people to create peace in their worlds. We have created and contributed to 8 major charitable projects around the world, many of which are still prospering. Our Deva Lands in the Valencia Valley of New Mexico has been an embodiment of sanctuary and realized spirit for so many beautiful beings who have been our guests. Now, we are striving to expand our services and resources and make them available to all that are called here. Our Deva Intentional Community is now re-creating itself to open its arms to all in need of spiritual sanctuary whether it is short-term or long-term. As we watch the alpine fields that surround us here, we never really know what new flowers we will discover, what wild animals may visit, each springtime awakening different in its expression. So it is with us, yet we are thrilled with anticipation of what is surely coming our way. Come join us for our new chapter of discovery.

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