How to Work on a Problem

Healing our Issues, Solving our Problems

by Rick Phillips

A problem , an emotional issue, a karmic theme is the expression of a lesson not yet learned. It is still enshrouded in unconsciousness. So, the first step in dealing with this problem is to bring it into greater consciousness.
This first step is many times the most difficult. The ego does not want to look at something painful; it does not want to enter dangerous territory, it just doesn’t want to deal with anything that could affect its very survival. This is the cause of denial, of shutdown, of avoidance when we encounter a juicy emotional problem. The ego just wants to protect the status quo and keep everything within familiar and secure boundaries.
Consciousness is the primary quality of the Higher Self. We increase consciousness by opening the spiritual energy, not by repeating (yet again) the emotional drama with all its associated attachments. Repetition may be a spiritual attempt of the Higher Self to open greater experience and as a consequence, open greater consciousness, but repetition without consciousness, usually just adds another karmic layer on a even bigger karmic onion. We must move beyond the control of the ego and channel the clarity of the Higher Self into the shadow environment of that problem that has continually resisted our attempts to understand and remedy the difficulty.
In Deva sessions, the Facilitator assists the client to move out of the ego and into the expanded point of view of our spiritual awareness to see the issue from a new perspective. This is a necessary step in the process of healing. Limited perspectives, narrow vision, singularity of perception: these are the tools of the ego to hold on and perpetuate “stuckness.” When the Higher Self emerges all of this has to change. The Higher Self knows the problem; it knows everything about it: its origin, its purpose, and the steps of resolution. We must allow this fresh perspective to be experienced, but most importantly we need the healing energy that comes with the power of Spirit. This spiritual power opens recognition of the problem into the “big picture,” it focuses consciousness like a laser deep into the issue taking the person far beyond the superficial ego attachment. We begin to learn the lesson, its teaching and the opportunity for the shift of consciousness that frees us from the stuck point of view. This expansiveness of awareness creates the next step in the healing process: the freedom of choice.
When we are unconscious we do not have choice. We do not see the issue clearly and we are impotent to make a change. Usually we are still lost in the confusion, attached to the past pain or worried about what the future may bring us. We are frantically reacting about the past and future instead of being conscious of the here and now where choice originates. The Higher Self brings us back home to the infinite present moment. Here we have the opportunity to see clearly and transform the attachment into liberation. But, to make a choice to change is a big decision. This is not a insignificant moment in our personal and collective history. The barriers around a deep issue may have been in place for thousands of lifetimes. The ego may not be willing to dismantle a significant part of its identity. Even though choice is imminent, we may decide to maintain the status quo. It may be too much of a risk for us to follow through with the change. Often this is a sign that more consciousness and understanding is needed. But, if we are working consciously with the Higher Self about this issue, usually it will not arise unless the time is appropriate. The Higher Self knows how to work this issue, it knows exactly what to do to efficiently release the emotional attachment. Choice is not coming from the Higher Self; the choice is a step the aware ego needs to make as a sign of faith. The choice is saying, “I realize that the time has come to let go and I’m willing to follow the guidance of my Inner Knowing!” In the clear light of the Divine, we go for it!
The next step to this process requires action. Choosing to change means that something stuck, fixed or resistant must go through an energetic transformation within the Emotional Body. An energetic shift must take place to allow the system to restructure itself resulting in a new ego identity, one that is a bit more open and more evolved. By taking conscious action we are able to integrate the changes and bring to completion the learning process. This step may be swift or it may take a lifetime to fully realize. No matter, once the Higher Self initiates the quantum leap, we are accelerating to the goal with a Master navigating the journey.
As we implement our plan of action and as the pieces of the puzzle fall together, the problem is seen clearly and understood. That which engendered chaos and entropy now is a resource for growth. The problem is no longer a problem; it is a source of wisdom and an inspiration to go even deeper. Without the problem there would not have been growth and change.
It seems in the human reality that we will always be confronted with issues. As we get older new problems appear. Does it ever end? I believe personally it is possible to move into a free and unattached place with our life challenges, but we still live within the collective and therefore we must still practice these steps of resolution if not for ourselves, certainly for others. This is not bad news. We should not feel it as an eternal burden of lifetimes, but rather to shift our perspective once again (step #1) and see the challenge for what it truly is, the catalyst for greater awareness and continual growth. Our suffering and our breakthroughs teach us compassion for those who are overshadowed. We’ve been there; we can feel what it is like. We are not alone in our struggles. This compassionate awareness is the most potent medicine for a recovering heart. And a healing heart is a self-empowering heart; one that has grown resilient and strong; one that is ready for the next round. “Oh how truly courageous the human heart is!” Ironically, if you haven’t noticed, this process feels good! This is what creates ecstatic life and a profound love of the Divine. One day soon we will be in gratitude for such a glorious chance to live a human life.
Dissolving Memory
One of the most powerful techniques that the Higher Self uses to expand consciousness of an emotional issue is through the opening of memory. Memory is an energetic configuration in time and space. This emotional or karmic memory locks an experience that overshadows the Self into a moment of frozen time and space, where it lives and breathes within the astral structure of the Emotional Body. It then becomes the template for emotional triggering and the stage-set for its particular drama. Since these memories, whether it be past life or recent memories, hold the imprints and programming for the ego, these become the areas which we need to open, to explore, and expand the consciousness into. As a result, these memories hold the opportunities for self discovery. This is true because that which can overshadow the self is unconsciously perceived and reacted to as something that is in opposition to the self, or something that is not-self, rather than perceived as part of the self or in harmony with the self. This is ignorance of the Oneness of all things. Where there is ignorance, there is unconsciousness. By penetrating the ignorance of karmic memory we can expose the issue at hand and discover the lesson it wants to reveal to us. Once the memory is open, it is easy to investigate because its superficial layer is the linear time-line of its story. The Higher Self takes us into the story and we experience again the trauma, the pain, the confusion, the emotion and its effect. Your ego is probably protesting at this moment, “Why would I want to see that again?” This is precisely the point: the ego does not want to go back into it, as matter of fact, it usually will do anything within its power to resist or block the awareness from entering that locked door. This is also why these energetic memories stay hidden within the Emotional Body for lifetimes. In order to access these deep memories we must move into an altered state of consciousness to bypass the ego’s control, we must set the intention for the Higher Self to guide us through this healing process and we must confront and move through the illusionary barriers of ego defense. Then we can open the new perspective. Fortunately, re-entering the memory will not be as bad as we expected. Actually, most clients say, “This isn’t so bad; what was I afraid of?” Maybe at the actual moment of the imprint it was very painful, maybe even horrendous, but the Higher Self can protects us or help us by reminding us inwardly that we are not the experience, we are a Self beyond the realm of emotional experience, beyond the field of duality. This becomes much clearer when we return to these old memories with the conscious support of the Divine. This even may be part of the lesson: to stay conscious in the midst of difficulty or pain. If we could learn how to maintain the Higher Self consciously in everyday life, we would deal with the overshadowing moments much more successfully. Actually, they would not be overshadowing moments; they would just be moments that come and go without imprint and without suffering. The Higher Self would be there to keep the awareness open, free and flowing.
As we enter into the story we notice that we are watching the drama as if we are watching a film. The sense of detachment allows us to experience the story but not to lose ourselves in the story. But more importantly, with the spiritual presence of the Higher Self, we have a omniscient narrator helping us understand the meaning within the story. The experience is not just re-living the memory, it is integrating and utilizing the significance of its purpose into our conscious life. By no means am I saying this is an intellectual process, on the contrary, it is through the intuitive knowing of the heart that we are incorporating not only the teaching of the experience into our life but the realized hologram of spiritual purpose fits perfectly into our human reality. The windows to the soul open a bit wider creating an interface between the ego and its materialistic perspective and the wisdom that its expansive perspective provides. With the presence of Higher Self, we move far beyond the linear historical story and into the spiritual story that multidimensionally links the past, present and future into a moment of infinite possibilities for personal and collective healing. This empowers true choice for the person. This choice for change, for letting go, is a choice that literally changes time. But this is not just limited to the individual. A transdimensional shift of consciousness alters the universe at the moment when that client chooses to dissolve the energetic karmic cords that have held their manifest reality together. But also the letting go is a dissolution of the collective consciousness and therefore effects all of us profoundly yet subtly. Working on these deepest levels of creation re-create “what is”, as the memory of “what was” is no longer necessary to define life. Our interrelationships in life are tied together by our past karmic experiences. As we dissolve these attachments to who we think and feel we are, we are literally dissolving past time and space when we were less conscious, overshadowed, and lost to our true nature. This ushers us into a new, more evolved awareness of who we really are, that Higher Self that has been leading, gently encouraging, and even seducing us home again. Working with memory in such a way becomes a pathway to re-scripting our sense of self and insuring the soul’s destiny.

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