A Guided Meditation on Emptiness

By Rick Phillips

Prepare yourself for this Guided Meditation:

Close your eyes and bring your attention to the breath. Breathe comfortably and follow the breath with your awareness. If the mind wanders off, just effortlessly bring the attention back to the breath. Be easy, be comfortable, just breathe. And when you are ready…

Imagine… You are far out in an infinite ocean. It is a cloudless day. There is no wind, no waves, the water is like glass. The water is a deep blue, it reflects the sky of an equally clear deep blue. You are floating on this water, floating in an ocean of deep blue. Feel yourself float effortlessly. All your muscles are relaxed, the seawater holds you in its embrace. You are safe, as if you are being held by a loving Mother. Feel yourself floating now.


As you breathe easily, you begin to surrender. Let go into the infinite blue. You start to shrink in size, becoming smaller and smaller. The water is taking you inside herself. As you merge with the water, the feeling is gentle, natural, easy. You are continuing to shrink. You are aware of this spontaneous natural change. You are transforming. The more you shrink, the more your awareness expands. The body may be very, very small, but your awareness is very, very big. You are now no larger than a drop of water. As you continue to shrink, now you are the size of a molecule of water, and now an atom of oxygen, then smaller, an atom of hydrogen. Then smaller, a proton, now an electron, still shrinking. Now you are a photon of light speeding through quantum space at the speed of light. Feel this.

You watch the journey through space. What is it like? What do you feel? Maybe you notice how empty it is. You continue to fly through space noticing that there is nothing there except an occasional photon of light speeding by you.

Now stop flying and be still. Let your light extinguish. You are no longer in the created universe! You are in the eternal black, the energy of pure yin. Feel the non-activity, the profound silence. Just rest here in the infinite space of Being.


Now, start the process of becoming. Start to manifest yourself, back into light, into a photon of light. And then start expanding. Grow bigger, expand through the sub-atomic dimensions becoming bigger and bigger. Grow back into your human physical body which is floating on the ocean. Feel yourself. Can you maintain the experience of being infinitely small, in the emptiness of the microscopic?


Now, look up into the blue sky. It is clear, expansive, deep. Feel yourself rise up into the heavens. Fly into the space of our solar system. And continue into the space of our Milky Way Galaxy. Keep flying farther out beyond the galaxy into the emptiness of the universe. Expand yourself now. Expand into the vacuum of space; the black of the emptiness of space. Nothing is there, emptiness. It is silent. Feel the unbounded space of macro-space. Feel the silence. Nothing happens.

Remember the silence of micro-space.

Remember the silence of macro-space.

Whether you are infinitely small or infinitely big, the only reality is the emptiness. Be the emptiness.

Now draw your awareness deep inside yourself into the emptiness of your Being. You are not small or big. You are not a body. You are not an awareness. Your true reality is the emptiness of emptiness. Rest in your true nature. Just rest. Being the silence, the peace. Just the being-ness.


Now, when you are ready, come back to the awareness of floating on the infinite ocean reflecting the infinite sky. It is all One. Breathe this experience into your new body. Breathe the emptiness into form. Feel the freedom that you are. There are no limitations, no constrictions to who you are. Feel yourself and breathe.


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