White Light Meditation

Rick Phillips

There are many white light meditations and other exercises for moving energy through the body with our consciousness. The following meditation has worked well for many people and therefore I highly recommend it. It is not necessary to do this for long periods of time., even 5-10 minute is enough to energize the body and clarify the awareness. This meditation can be practiced either sitting up or lying down with the eyes close. After taking a few minutes to rest and be with what is happening inside yourself, allow yourself to breathe deeply. After three to five minutes of breathing then start the meditation.

Bring a stream of pure white light from the universe into you heart and let your heart expand with this spiritual energy. Let your heart become full, so that it overflows with love and light.

Allow that love and light to flow up into the throat, nourishing and opening the throat chakra.

Take the light up into the head, filling it with the light of clarity, allow it to stimulate the higher centers of the mind and radiate a stream of light out of the third eye…feel it open, feel the expansion. Be with that for a moment. Then draw the light out of the top of the head, opening the crown chakra. Radiate the white light from the heart up and out the crown chakra and fill the room with light. Be with that radiance for a minute.

Come back to the heart chakra and draw in more healing light and draw it up to your shoulders and down your arms and out the hands and radiate the light out into the room. Feel the flow of love and healing and radiate it to the world for a moment.

Come back to the heart and draw more white light in and circulate the light through the rest of the body. If there is any blockage or tension that you notice in the body, concentrate the healing light on that blockage and allow it to clear.

When the body is glowing with light, then allow it to flow to the solar plexus chakra. Push if through the emotional body and out the solar plexus and radiate the light into the room. Feel the light open the emotional body. Let the love and light flow from the universe into your body and then radiate it back to the universe. Be with that feeling for a few minutes.

Take a minute to be in silence before opening the eyes and getting up.


I feel it is important at this time that there is an emphasis on the heart chakra. Chapter Six in my book, WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, explains my theory in detail and this exercise is an extension of that theory. By taking the love and light up into the throat and head, a beautiful balancing process will begin. The heart directs our deepest Yin energy into the head (which contains predominantly Yang energy). The Yin energy will help activate our psychic abilities and deepen spiritual consciousness. As we take the light to our shoulders, down through the arms, and out the hands, we are guiding the energy along the existing heart and pericardium (Envelope of the Heart) acupuncture meridians. This will stimulate the flow of heart Chi through the body. We are assisting the efficient flow of “life-blood” from the heart to the body. The last step of pushing love and light through the emotional body is representative of opening the chakra of the emotional body and radiating out, instead of pulling in energy. The complete process is a perfect preparation for contacting your Higher Self, or “just being in the flow”.

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