Can You Imagine?

Can You Imagine?

Let go of what you have heard or read about God. The god of less enlightened ages; the stern, judgmental patriarch. Let go of your programming for just a moment and imagineā€¦

The I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, gives us a prediction; it says that since the creation in this universe, 15 Billion years ago, time has given us a vector of evolution that is of increasing novelty and away from habit. We are moving toward an epiphany of unimaginable perfection, power, and fulfillment only momentarily dreamed of before. A time when the creative force breaks free from the habits of non-transcendence. We accelerate off the scale into infinite consciousness.

Can you imagine God, not of the scriptural type, but as a force located in the future that pulls us toward Itself. Pulls us toward s the Light of Lights, pulls us into that consciousness of who we truly are, into the awareness of our perfection. But not just as souls finishing a long journey and happy to finally rest, but pulling our reality, our world to how it could and should be. An unlimited life in a universe of all possibilities.

Can you imagine a time when:

-You live life not of separation but oneness?

-You live days free of judgment, of any kind?

-You perceive the God within all dimensions of life and you consciously feel the link to that God-love.

-A time where love and compassion rule your conduct with yourself and others.

-That pain, if there, does not interfere or block your vision and feeling of the Divine.

-The awareness that the fear is gone, where nothing blocks your way.

-A time when love brings you and keeps you in a state of communion.

-When the chakras are open, with no block, all in perfect communication.

-A time when the senses and intuition open you to the clarity to view the Beauty.

-That your family has also achieved this experience and vision with you, where you share this consciousness, your children are free to live this dream come true. And where your ancestors also are free to celebrate this time of heaven on earth.

-Where schools really do educate, encourage discovery, and give the experience of knowledge into wisdom, foster creativity, joy, celebration for life

-Where hospitals are not places for the sick, but places that teach healing and ways to know oneself.

-That governments no longer play the games of mirroring the negative issues and negative consciousness of the society, but they now mirror the ideals of the god-consciousness where their work is one of healing, integrity, and peace.

-Where organizations and businesses:

-heal the environment of Mother Earth and Father Sky

-feed the hungry

-manage an economy based in generosity, sharing, and equality

-giving justice its fulfillment by tearing down the prisons and stopping the need for punishment

-Can you imagine where time and space are no longer limits, where universes open and become available to you?

-Can you imagine infinite silence integrated into every moment of your life?

-Can you imagine the ideals becoming real?

-Can you just imagine?

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