DNA and the Cosmic Serpent: A Meditation

DNA and the Cosmic Serpent

Prep for Meditation.

Imagine a column of light descending from the heavens. Let this light be of the highest vibration. Pure, powerful, beautiful. See it in front of you. Now allow this shaft of light to soften, its edge becomes less distinct, the column of light becomes a luminous wave-like being. It is alive with Divine light. The being moves as a wave of light, undulating, vibrating, energy flowing down its body connecting heaven to earth. As it comes into more clarity you notice this being is a snake, a serpent of incredible beauty, vibrant with cosmic life-force, a ch’i overflowing with intelligence & wisdom.

Feel its presence and the positive effect it has on you.

Now, when you are ready, approach the snake of light. Come closer, feel that it is safe, the closer you come the more blessed you feel by its healing energy. The cosmic serpent is the knower of the secret of life. She knows the secret of all living things, that essence of connectivity of the universal web of life. She wants to help you realize her secret and how to feel the unity with all living beings. But before she initiates you into realization, some healing is necessary within your physical body.

The cosmic serpent invites you into her light. Step into the brilliant vibrancy of her being. Feel it. How does it feel? Do you feel the flow of current within your body? Any tingling, or energy movement? Just be with it. There is intelligence within the light. It knows what you need, allow it to seek out those areas within your body that require transformation and the quickening of vibration. Take your attention into that particular area that comes clearly to mind. Go into it. Feel the energy flow deep into that area. See what happens. (pause)

Now, go deeper into the core of that abnormality, impurity, or problem area. Trace the pathway into the makeup of that tissue or organ, into the cellular makeup of that area. See the light illuminate that area and magnifying it for you to perceive what is held there. Is there something you notice that looks unusual or odd. Is there something stuck there that needs to be removed or repaired? Is there a dark area or shadow in the cell? Now continue to look deeper into the nucleus of the cell. See the DNA coiled into the double helix structure. See it, sense it, feel it in some way.

Now, connect back to the cosmic serpent of light. Allow this healing serpent to enter into this area that needs healing and transformation. Notice how the serpent coils around the DNA molecule. Notice that it fits perfectly into the DNA structure. The healing light transforms the DNA molecule. The repair is made effortlessly. As if the serpent knows exactly how to heal it, and then to align, rejuvenate, and activate its function for you. Do you feel a shift within that area? What else do you notice? What is the energy feel like now?

Now, allow the cosmic serpent to take you to another area of the body that needs healing and repeat the process. When you feel complete then bring the serpent back in front of you.

Open the communication to the serpent. Ask her if she will share with you a message or knowing. Listen.

Ask her what her secret of life is all about. Listen.

(The cosmic serpent is the DNA molecule. DNA is the building block of all manifest life-forms. She is that energy that resides within all biological organisms. Therefore, she knows how to identify, repair, and activate the DNA function. The DNA molecule is a coiled double-helix molecule. Each DNA molecule is 6 feet long, 10 atoms wide, each human is made up of 125 billion miles of DNA, enough to wrap around the planet 5 million times)

Open your heart to receive her blessing of wisdom.

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