Tree of Life Meditation

Prepare for meditation.

Come to your breath. Let the breath be normal, comfortable and just follow the breath with your attention.

Now bring the attention to the Kidney 1 point in the sole of the foot. Feel the foot chakra there at the bottom of both your feet. From those points connect energetically deep into the earth,

Connect to Mother Earth.

Your physical body, rooted to Mother Earth now transforms into a beautiful, magical tree. Imagine this tree, feel this tree take form around you.

The Tree expands, larger and larger, more magnificent as it unfolds itself. It becomes a refuge for the birds & butterflies, the squirrels… all creatures find refuge in your tree. Feel the joy and purpose of opening your branches to all life.

Your tree nourishes all that come into your branches.

And through you, the Goddess nourishes all, invites all, rejuvenates all.

Feel the tree continuing to grow, so much that now the tree branches reach out into the universe.

And you continue to invite all beings, all entities, from every corner of the universe to your branches of cosmic proportion.

And all find refuge & sanctuary, connected to you and the Goddess.

Feel the joy of the Goddess in giving and sharing this magical tree of life.

And, of course, feel the transcendental and all-encompassing love.


Now we shift the point of view…

You are now out in deep space, in the void, the black.

There are only faint points of light in the far distance. The black void is what surrounds you.

You are alone and separate, just floating in empty space… Feel that with all your mindfulness, even though it may be uncomfortable…

And then you notice a light in the far distance that is growing in intensity.

And then, the light seems to be sending you a call, to you personally. It’s an invitation to you to pay attention and connect.

This light grows brighter and clearer, and you see that it is not a star but a divine tree radiating all the colors of the rainbow.

This radiant tree is calling for connection and it’s energy is so attractive that it is natural to open to its all-encompassing love.

Feel that connection.

And as you connect you notice that you accelerate to it. The  connection is ever so solid which dissolves the aloneness and separation.

This divine tree is radiant with life and love, a feeling of fullness in this beautiful presence.

You spontaneously come into its inviting branches like a child into its Mother’s arms.

You feel at home in the embrace of the Goddess.

She is so happy to have you here, you are so happy to be connected again.

Feel the fulfillment.

Be in that. (Silence)

Now you deepen further.

You move from the branches to the center of the tree, into the trunk of the tree.

You move deeper, from the trunk to the roots.

You move deeper from the roots to the heart and soul of the divine tree into the present Goddess within, and further into Her essence.

She is formless, she is beyond time and space, beyond the form, even beyond the energy.

Omnipresent, always available, she’s here in the silence.

Be with her. (silence)

From the Goddess, she desires to create. The spark of life is created in her womb. The flicker of light unfolds and becomes the powerful flame of life.

The Divine Child is created. This Divine Child is you, born of the Mother Goddess, born of the Tree of Life, born of the infinite cosmos, born in the sacred silence of the Divine Intention.

Feel yourself forming from the source of love within all of this.

You are born into this body here today.

We have many bodies. You now have been given a new body as a gift from the Divine.

Feel it in your body.

Today give it expression, express your new beginning, your new life.

You have an opportunity today. Won’t it be exciting to see what you will do with it?



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