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Preparation for a Guided Meditation

October 26th, 2010, Posted in Meditations

As requested:

Here are some suggestions for enriching the experience during the process of a guided meditation:

A guided meditation can be facilitated in a number of ways. You can read the meditation yourself, you can record the meditation in your own voice and play it back while you listen with your eyes closed, or have someone else read it to you. Regardless of how you use the meditation, you need to create an optimum environment to go within and flow with the process. Any meditation requires proper intention and mindfulness to the details of what is happening. Create the sacred space and prepare the way to transcend the superficial world.

As the meditation begins we take a few minutes to settle down, to let go of any mental constraints and begin to return to clarity of mind. As we proceed, the consciousness will begin to be stimulated by the key words in the meditation. Through the words, and the energies associated with them, you will be affected depending on your receptivity, your relationship with those energies, and the expansiveness of your imagination.

Receptivity is an open mind. It is a state of non-judgment, a curious or interested state that allows the energies to touch you and the willingness to see what happens and where the flow of energy may take you. Your relationship to various energies, for example, your relationship to spiritual virtues such as love, bliss, creativity, compassion, etc., will be amplified in the altered state of consciousness of meditation. If I am receptive, and my consciousness is expanded, energies will catalyze the flow of attention as I am pulled inward. The deeper I go, the more manifest the energies will become. We will feel them more clearly; we will surrender into their teachings, their stories. These experiences will then begin to be led by a spiritual power beyond our routine ego state of being. What at first seems to be “making it up,” unfolds into a more spontaneous imagination that is guided from deep within. Don’t worry that you are “making it up.” Be creative, be easy, and soon you will notice it is going all by itself. You, the ego, is left behind and some other part of you is creating the experience. It could be a channeling, but it usually is the Higher Self that’s running the show. You may notice that it can be the best show in town! But be patient, practice always improves our skill to allow the process to unfold and evolve.

After the meditation, spend some time contemplating what happened. What was the purpose of the experience? What did you learn? How does the symbolism of the experiences relate to your life? How did it feel, and what does the energy of that feeling offer you? There are so many possibilities here, but don’t become overly analytical. The benefit comes in the experience that you were given and it can continue to unfold for some time afterwards. Be mindful and be aware to where you are being led. Enjoy!