Rick Phillips

When I can forgive, others will follow.

If I can forgive, then God must be as merciful.

Forgiveness and Mercy are spiritual energies; energetic, independent of Mind.

Forgiveness  releases the past, mercy is a present way of life.

As I forgive, the universe releases the pain of judgment.

As I forgive, separation dissolves.

As I forgive, I come into the eternal moment.

As I forgive, God can be known.

To Love God, I must love myself.

To Love God, I must first forgive myself.

My inability to forgive, is my inability to know love.

Forgiveness releases the past veil of lost love.

Love is God.  Forgiveness returns me to love.

To be unconditional in loving is the highest acknowledgment of Oneness.

True forgiveness is unconditional.

Forgiveness acknowledges the perfection of the past, present and future.

Forgiveness returns us to peace.

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