Meet the Deva Community

Rachel Kaufman, MA, MS


Rachel, with forty five years experience as a Transpersonal Psychologist, has an MA in Educational Psychology and an MS in Counseling Psychology. She has produced award winning documentary films and written on the the Holocaust and on human rights. An interviewer for Steven Speilberg’s video project, Shoah, she continues to help facilitate healing of traumatic memory.

She is author of Touched By An Alien, which tells of her personal experiences with extraterrestrials.

In 2002 she co-founded and led Creativity For Peace, a charitable project which nurtures understanding and leadership in Palestinian and Israeli adolescent girls and women so that they aspire to and take on significant roles in their families, communities, and countries that advance peaceful coexistence.


Rick Phillips, MS

Rick Phillips is a psychospiritual healer, teacher of meditation, practioner of Chinese medicine, and author of two books on transpersonal psychology. He is co-founder of the Deva Foundation, a non-profit international organization devoted to personal and planetary healing, conducting workshops and seminars worldwide in energetic healing as well as providing training in transpersonal psychology.

picture-025Rick’s spiritual work has also taken him into the realm of helping people in crisis. He has worked in Israel during the Gulf War, with Holocaust survivors in Germany and Poland, and teaching throughout Europe.

He is also a teacher of the School of Inner Work in Singapore and Malaysia.

Rick’s two books, Windows to the Soul and Healing Communication describe and illustrate the Deva work as it manifests in healing the heart. They have been translated into German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.

“I am in awe of Rick Phillips for his ability to help me access many dimensions and time zones while always maintaining the awareness that all of this is actually the One.”

Barbara Hand Clow
noted astrological counselor, spiritual teacher, and writer

Heide Birck

Heide, of Bad Homberg, Germany has helped lead Deva Foundation from its inception. Her second home, a beautiful house on 20 acres in the Valencia Valley serves as the Deva Retreat Center. She works as a healer, benefactor, friend and truly embodies the Deva spirit in her life.

Isabelle Grandidier

Aaron & Summer Steele

Gregory Weeks

Nicole Salzman

Brigid Rhoades & Rio Foster