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Windows to the Soul
(previously published as Emergence of the Divine Child)
by Rick Phillips

“Reading Rick’s generous and thorough description of his healing work, I found myself deeply heartened and propelled into an enlightening dialogue with my own themes of pain and attachment. His work guides us to touch the very core of what it means to human-the ability to experience love free of judgment and separation and to express it in all our relationships.”

– Mobi Ho, storyteller, translator for Thich Nhat Hanh.

Healing Communication: A Psychospiritual Approach
by Rick Phillips

Experience the miracle of spiritual healing though empowered and aware communication. Using actual case studies, Rick describes the perils and pitfalls of our powerfully symbolic inner worlds. He illuminates the core of human suffering-our sense of separation from Divine Unity-and provides guidelines and inspiration for expanding the very foundation of our relationships through communication.

Touched By An Alien
by Rachel Kaufman

In October 1988, Rachel had a strange and disconcerting experience. At three in the morning, she awoke to find a group of seven white translucent forms surrounding her. An unpleasant metallic buzzing sounded in her right ear and a voice said, “Be calm.” Rachel was terrified. One of the luminous beings reached out and took her right wrist in his hand. Behind him, white and purple lights were brightly glowing. Balls of energy floated around. Rachel suddenly knew she was having an ET experience. As a long-time psychotherapist, she believed “close encounters” to be either wish fulfillment or some kind of projection, probably stemming from childhood trauma. But something was happening to her.

Touched By An Alien traces the story of Rachel’s transformational experiences with her ET friends. She shares with us the psychological and spiritual teachings she received from these loving visitors.