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November 25th, 2010, Posted in Meditations, Teachings


Rick Phillips

When I can forgive, others will follow.

If I can forgive, then God must be as merciful.

Forgiveness and Mercy are spiritual energies; energetic, independent of Mind.

Forgiveness  releases the past, mercy is a present way of life.

As I forgive, the universe releases the pain of judgment.

As I forgive, separation dissolves.

As I forgive, I come into the eternal moment.

As I forgive, God can be known.

To Love God, I must love myself.

To Love God, I must first forgive myself.

My inability to forgive, is my inability to know love.

Forgiveness releases the past veil of lost love.

Love is God.  Forgiveness returns me to love.

To be unconditional in loving is the highest acknowledgment of Oneness.

True forgiveness is unconditional.

Forgiveness acknowledges the perfection of the past, present and future.

Forgiveness returns us to peace.

Preparation for a Guided Meditation

October 26th, 2010, Posted in Meditations

As requested:

Here are some suggestions for enriching the experience during the process of a guided meditation:

A guided meditation can be facilitated in a number of ways. You can read the meditation yourself, you can record the meditation in your own voice and play it back while you listen with your eyes closed, or have someone else read it to you. Regardless of how you use the meditation, you need to create an optimum environment to go within and flow with the process. Any meditation requires proper intention and mindfulness to the details of what is happening. Create the sacred space and prepare the way to transcend the superficial world.

As the meditation begins we take a few minutes to settle down, to let go of any mental constraints and begin to return to clarity of mind. As we proceed, the consciousness will begin to be stimulated by the key words in the meditation. Through the words, and the energies associated with them, you will be affected depending on your receptivity, your relationship with those energies, and the expansiveness of your imagination.

Receptivity is an open mind. It is a state of non-judgment, a curious or interested state that allows the energies to touch you and the willingness to see what happens and where the flow of energy may take you. Your relationship to various energies, for example, your relationship to spiritual virtues such as love, bliss, creativity, compassion, etc., will be amplified in the altered state of consciousness of meditation. If I am receptive, and my consciousness is expanded, energies will catalyze the flow of attention as I am pulled inward. The deeper I go, the more manifest the energies will become. We will feel them more clearly; we will surrender into their teachings, their stories. These experiences will then begin to be led by a spiritual power beyond our routine ego state of being. What at first seems to be “making it up,” unfolds into a more spontaneous imagination that is guided from deep within. Don’t worry that you are “making it up.” Be creative, be easy, and soon you will notice it is going all by itself. You, the ego, is left behind and some other part of you is creating the experience. It could be a channeling, but it usually is the Higher Self that’s running the show. You may notice that it can be the best show in town! But be patient, practice always improves our skill to allow the process to unfold and evolve.

After the meditation, spend some time contemplating what happened. What was the purpose of the experience? What did you learn? How does the symbolism of the experiences relate to your life? How did it feel, and what does the energy of that feeling offer you? There are so many possibilities here, but don’t become overly analytical. The benefit comes in the experience that you were given and it can continue to unfold for some time afterwards. Be mindful and be aware to where you are being led. Enjoy!

Tree of Life Meditation

July 8th, 2010, Posted in Meditations

Prepare for meditation.

Come to your breath. Let the breath be normal, comfortable and just follow the breath with your attention.

Now bring the attention to the Kidney 1 point in the sole of the foot. Feel the foot chakra there at the bottom of both your feet. From those points connect energetically deep into the earth,

Connect to Mother Earth.

Your physical body, rooted to Mother Earth now transforms into a beautiful, magical tree. Imagine this tree, feel this tree take form around you.

The Tree expands, larger and larger, more magnificent as it unfolds itself. It becomes a refuge for the birds & butterflies, the squirrels… all creatures find refuge in your tree. Feel the joy and purpose of opening your branches to all life.

Your tree nourishes all that come into your branches.

And through you, the Goddess nourishes all, invites all, rejuvenates all.

Feel the tree continuing to grow, so much that now the tree branches reach out into the universe.

And you continue to invite all beings, all entities, from every corner of the universe to your branches of cosmic proportion.

And all find refuge & sanctuary, connected to you and the Goddess.

Feel the joy of the Goddess in giving and sharing this magical tree of life.

And, of course, feel the transcendental and all-encompassing love.


Now we shift the point of view…

You are now out in deep space, in the void, the black.

There are only faint points of light in the far distance. The black void is what surrounds you.

You are alone and separate, just floating in empty space… Feel that with all your mindfulness, even though it may be uncomfortable…

And then you notice a light in the far distance that is growing in intensity.

And then, the light seems to be sending you a call, to you personally. It’s an invitation to you to pay attention and connect.

This light grows brighter and clearer, and you see that it is not a star but a divine tree radiating all the colors of the rainbow.

This radiant tree is calling for connection and it’s energy is so attractive that it is natural to open to its all-encompassing love.

Feel that connection.

And as you connect you notice that you accelerate to it. The  connection is ever so solid which dissolves the aloneness and separation.

This divine tree is radiant with life and love, a feeling of fullness in this beautiful presence.

You spontaneously come into its inviting branches like a child into its Mother’s arms.

You feel at home in the embrace of the Goddess.

She is so happy to have you here, you are so happy to be connected again.

Feel the fulfillment.

Be in that. (Silence)

Now you deepen further.

You move from the branches to the center of the tree, into the trunk of the tree.

You move deeper, from the trunk to the roots.

You move deeper from the roots to the heart and soul of the divine tree into the present Goddess within, and further into Her essence.

She is formless, she is beyond time and space, beyond the form, even beyond the energy.

Omnipresent, always available, she’s here in the silence.

Be with her. (silence)

From the Goddess, she desires to create. The spark of life is created in her womb. The flicker of light unfolds and becomes the powerful flame of life.

The Divine Child is created. This Divine Child is you, born of the Mother Goddess, born of the Tree of Life, born of the infinite cosmos, born in the sacred silence of the Divine Intention.

Feel yourself forming from the source of love within all of this.

You are born into this body here today.

We have many bodies. You now have been given a new body as a gift from the Divine.

Feel it in your body.

Today give it expression, express your new beginning, your new life.

You have an opportunity today. Won’t it be exciting to see what you will do with it?



DNA and the Cosmic Serpent: A Meditation

May 8th, 2010, Posted in Meditations

DNA and the Cosmic Serpent

Prep for Meditation.

Imagine a column of light descending from the heavens. Let this light be of the highest vibration. Pure, powerful, beautiful. See it in front of you. Now allow this shaft of light to soften, its edge becomes less distinct, the column of light becomes a luminous wave-like being. It is alive with Divine light. The being moves as a wave of light, undulating, vibrating, energy flowing down its body connecting heaven to earth. As it comes into more clarity you notice this being is a snake, a serpent of incredible beauty, vibrant with cosmic life-force, a ch’i overflowing with intelligence & wisdom.

Feel its presence and the positive effect it has on you.

Now, when you are ready, approach the snake of light. Come closer, feel that it is safe, the closer you come the more blessed you feel by its healing energy. The cosmic serpent is the knower of the secret of life. She knows the secret of all living things, that essence of connectivity of the universal web of life. She wants to help you realize her secret and how to feel the unity with all living beings. But before she initiates you into realization, some healing is necessary within your physical body.

The cosmic serpent invites you into her light. Step into the brilliant vibrancy of her being. Feel it. How does it feel? Do you feel the flow of current within your body? Any tingling, or energy movement? Just be with it. There is intelligence within the light. It knows what you need, allow it to seek out those areas within your body that require transformation and the quickening of vibration. Take your attention into that particular area that comes clearly to mind. Go into it. Feel the energy flow deep into that area. See what happens. (pause)

Now, go deeper into the core of that abnormality, impurity, or problem area. Trace the pathway into the makeup of that tissue or organ, into the cellular makeup of that area. See the light illuminate that area and magnifying it for you to perceive what is held there. Is there something you notice that looks unusual or odd. Is there something stuck there that needs to be removed or repaired? Is there a dark area or shadow in the cell? Now continue to look deeper into the nucleus of the cell. See the DNA coiled into the double helix structure. See it, sense it, feel it in some way.

Now, connect back to the cosmic serpent of light. Allow this healing serpent to enter into this area that needs healing and transformation. Notice how the serpent coils around the DNA molecule. Notice that it fits perfectly into the DNA structure. The healing light transforms the DNA molecule. The repair is made effortlessly. As if the serpent knows exactly how to heal it, and then to align, rejuvenate, and activate its function for you. Do you feel a shift within that area? What else do you notice? What is the energy feel like now?

Now, allow the cosmic serpent to take you to another area of the body that needs healing and repeat the process. When you feel complete then bring the serpent back in front of you.

Open the communication to the serpent. Ask her if she will share with you a message or knowing. Listen.

Ask her what her secret of life is all about. Listen.

(The cosmic serpent is the DNA molecule. DNA is the building block of all manifest life-forms. She is that energy that resides within all biological organisms. Therefore, she knows how to identify, repair, and activate the DNA function. The DNA molecule is a coiled double-helix molecule. Each DNA molecule is 6 feet long, 10 atoms wide, each human is made up of 125 billion miles of DNA, enough to wrap around the planet 5 million times)

Open your heart to receive her blessing of wisdom.

White Light Meditation

October 1st, 2009, Posted in Meditations

Rick Phillips

There are many white light meditations and other exercises for moving energy through the body with our consciousness. The following meditation has worked well for many people and therefore I highly recommend it. It is not necessary to do this for long periods of time., even 5-10 minute is enough to energize the body and clarify the awareness. This meditation can be practiced either sitting up or lying down with the eyes close. After taking a few minutes to rest and be with what is happening inside yourself, allow yourself to breathe deeply. After three to five minutes of breathing then start the meditation.

Bring a stream of pure white light from the universe into you heart and let your heart expand with this spiritual energy. Let your heart become full, so that it overflows with love and light.

Allow that love and light to flow up into the throat, nourishing and opening the throat chakra.

Take the light up into the head, filling it with the light of clarity, allow it to stimulate the higher centers of the mind and radiate a stream of light out of the third eye…feel it open, feel the expansion. Be with that for a moment. Then draw the light out of the top of the head, opening the crown chakra. Radiate the white light from the heart up and out the crown chakra and fill the room with light. Be with that radiance for a minute.

Come back to the heart chakra and draw in more healing light and draw it up to your shoulders and down your arms and out the hands and radiate the light out into the room. Feel the flow of love and healing and radiate it to the world for a moment.

Come back to the heart and draw more white light in and circulate the light through the rest of the body. If there is any blockage or tension that you notice in the body, concentrate the healing light on that blockage and allow it to clear.

When the body is glowing with light, then allow it to flow to the solar plexus chakra. Push if through the emotional body and out the solar plexus and radiate the light into the room. Feel the light open the emotional body. Let the love and light flow from the universe into your body and then radiate it back to the universe. Be with that feeling for a few minutes.

Take a minute to be in silence before opening the eyes and getting up.


I feel it is important at this time that there is an emphasis on the heart chakra. Chapter Six in my book, WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, explains my theory in detail and this exercise is an extension of that theory. By taking the love and light up into the throat and head, a beautiful balancing process will begin. The heart directs our deepest Yin energy into the head (which contains predominantly Yang energy). The Yin energy will help activate our psychic abilities and deepen spiritual consciousness. As we take the light to our shoulders, down through the arms, and out the hands, we are guiding the energy along the existing heart and pericardium (Envelope of the Heart) acupuncture meridians. This will stimulate the flow of heart Chi through the body. We are assisting the efficient flow of “life-blood” from the heart to the body. The last step of pushing love and light through the emotional body is representative of opening the chakra of the emotional body and radiating out, instead of pulling in energy. The complete process is a perfect preparation for contacting your Higher Self, or “just being in the flow”.

A Guided Meditation on Emptiness

August 15th, 2009, Posted in Meditations

By Rick Phillips

Prepare yourself for this Guided Meditation:

Close your eyes and bring your attention to the breath. Breathe comfortably and follow the breath with your awareness. If the mind wanders off, just effortlessly bring the attention back to the breath. Be easy, be comfortable, just breathe. And when you are ready…

Imagine… You are far out in an infinite ocean. It is a cloudless day. There is no wind, no waves, the water is like glass. The water is a deep blue, it reflects the sky of an equally clear deep blue. You are floating on this water, floating in an ocean of deep blue. Feel yourself float effortlessly. All your muscles are relaxed, the seawater holds you in its embrace. You are safe, as if you are being held by a loving Mother. Feel yourself floating now.


As you breathe easily, you begin to surrender. Let go into the infinite blue. You start to shrink in size, becoming smaller and smaller. The water is taking you inside herself. As you merge with the water, the feeling is gentle, natural, easy. You are continuing to shrink. You are aware of this spontaneous natural change. You are transforming. The more you shrink, the more your awareness expands. The body may be very, very small, but your awareness is very, very big. You are now no larger than a drop of water. As you continue to shrink, now you are the size of a molecule of water, and now an atom of oxygen, then smaller, an atom of hydrogen. Then smaller, a proton, now an electron, still shrinking. Now you are a photon of light speeding through quantum space at the speed of light. Feel this.

You watch the journey through space. What is it like? What do you feel? Maybe you notice how empty it is. You continue to fly through space noticing that there is nothing there except an occasional photon of light speeding by you.

Now stop flying and be still. Let your light extinguish. You are no longer in the created universe! You are in the eternal black, the energy of pure yin. Feel the non-activity, the profound silence. Just rest here in the infinite space of Being.


Now, start the process of becoming. Start to manifest yourself, back into light, into a photon of light. And then start expanding. Grow bigger, expand through the sub-atomic dimensions becoming bigger and bigger. Grow back into your human physical body which is floating on the ocean. Feel yourself. Can you maintain the experience of being infinitely small, in the emptiness of the microscopic?


Now, look up into the blue sky. It is clear, expansive, deep. Feel yourself rise up into the heavens. Fly into the space of our solar system. And continue into the space of our Milky Way Galaxy. Keep flying farther out beyond the galaxy into the emptiness of the universe. Expand yourself now. Expand into the vacuum of space; the black of the emptiness of space. Nothing is there, emptiness. It is silent. Feel the unbounded space of macro-space. Feel the silence. Nothing happens.

Remember the silence of micro-space.

Remember the silence of macro-space.

Whether you are infinitely small or infinitely big, the only reality is the emptiness. Be the emptiness.

Now draw your awareness deep inside yourself into the emptiness of your Being. You are not small or big. You are not a body. You are not an awareness. Your true reality is the emptiness of emptiness. Rest in your true nature. Just rest. Being the silence, the peace. Just the being-ness.


Now, when you are ready, come back to the awareness of floating on the infinite ocean reflecting the infinite sky. It is all One. Breathe this experience into your new body. Breathe the emptiness into form. Feel the freedom that you are. There are no limitations, no constrictions to who you are. Feel yourself and breathe.