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Co-Creating with Spirit

August 2nd, 2010, Posted in Uncategorized

A short time ago I personally asked to do an inner work session to process some issues that have caused me discomfort. One of those issues was “control.” This is a big one for me, my liver/gall bladder constitution wants to exert its power to control over what it doesn’t like, and to resist and dominate a particular situation the ego deems important. It’s an old pattern that I’m pretty good playing out.

My Facilitator made a comment that maybe I should give “God” a little more opening to intervene in these situations. I then realized that when I go into control I shut the door to Divine guidance. When my ego gets tough it’s like a dog with a bone, no surrender is possible and the path becomes rigidly defined. My control mode excludes all but my arrogant ego belief that I know best and that I will make this situation the way I want it to be. Of course, that rarely happens, and then I’m left with a whole host of emotions, disappointment or anger, discouragement or frustration, and the need to project my blame somewhere. It gets messy. So the realization that my control issue was exclusionary to that Spirit that is so beloved was a potent wake-up call.

To make a long story short, I committed myself to consciously opening myself to the possibility that in times of difficulty and challenge I could turn to my Spirit and ask for guidance, help, or a sense of being with that important moment that life was bringing me into. The concept is not new and is not difficult for me; it fits with my personal philosophy. But sometimes we peel the onion a few more layers deeper as we receive another chance to refine the karmic possibility. It is usually the behavior part that is challenging. A habituated behavior is hard to re-program. It takes practice, witnessing the story playing out again and again, seeing that this desired approach actually is a viable and a beneficial alternative. So my practice began and sure enough I had ample opportunity to change my default setting of control. For the most part, in the real world of “great responsibility,” I must say things improved. Then something really interesting happened.

It is summer 2010 now, and every summer Deva hosts our Creativity for Peace Camp. This program is my wife’s co-creation; Rachel founded it about 10 years ago after 9/11. We bring Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls here to Devaland to tell their stories, process their issues, open new possibilities of dialogue in an age-old legacy of conflict. The girls live here, sleep together, eat together, do art together, and witness personal transformation together. (see

Two days into the camp on a Saturday night, with 29 people living here on the land, Rachel woke me up at 11pm to tell me that there was no water. Immediately I’m triggered, “Don’t tell me that!” My mind is going through all the possibilities, a broken water pipe, electrical failure; the well pump has broken… I get in my car and drive down to the well house and search around for the problem but cannot find anything obviously wrong, except the pump isn’t working. Because the responsibility of the land and houses is mine, you can imagine everything going through my mind: “I’m going to have to move the girls to a motel…how long will it take to get a new pump and find somebody to install it?…” Later as I returned to bed with my mind in a whirlwind, I realized this must be a test. I passed the easy tests over the last few weeks, but this was on another level of intensity. The next morning at daybreak I’m back in the well house trying to determine what to do. “I need help!” I dig out the yellow-pages and call for assistance. The guy shows up promptly takes a look at the situation and says he can’t help me. He offers to call some pump technicians, but being Sunday, no one answers. I say thank you… and he drives off.

So I’m standing there partly in awe of the situation, processing the complexity of emotion, the significance of my recent work on my control issues, my responsibility issues, and almost every issue known to humankind running through my consciousness. And I hear my inner voice clearly reminding me to ask Spirit for help. Not that I had not already done that, but now I noticed that there had always been more than a touch of doubt in my communication. I had actually worked on that in my session: the feeling that I don’t like people complaining, pleading, demanding, putting their order into the “God-service” and expecting immediate results. My feeling has always been, “take some personal responsibility!” But in the session I realized that I needed to take it to another level where the separation between ego and Higher Self was dissolved into that unity and wholeness that we truly are. It is not an act of demanding to a being outside of you, but an act of manifestation of our inner infinite possibility. The other part that was important for me was to surrender the sticky attachment of need that this situation was exposing emotionally within me. The test/teaching, which was so apparent, must have catalyzed something within me because as I’m standing there by the well house suddenly I hear the well pump switch on as if nothing at all was wrong. There was a brief moment of disbelief and then a dawning of clarity. Synchronicity in all its cosmic proportion, that “aha” moment as my Higher Self kicks me in the butt saying, “see what a little faith can do for you! We did this together.” And…we haven’t had any more water problems.

I believe that behavioral change can occur in many ways, sometimes slow, sometimes quickly. Usually for me, it takes some practice, a lot of reflection, and more practice. But this time a touch of grace sorts it out with such elegance that all I can do is bow down in humble gratitude and say “thank you, I’m learning.”

Rick Phillips

Mutating Fractal Emotional Forms

March 13th, 2010, Posted in Uncategorized

Mutating Fractal Emotional Forms

Throughout history we have searched for understanding of ourselves and the lives we lead. The great questions of philosophy attempt to open our minds and give us the beginning of our individual search. For me, this search motivates my life. Speaking of these subjects, writing, and teaching become helpful in keeping the energy lively in my pursuits.

One of the curious subjects is the nature of our karmic themes, those repeating patterns that structure and organize my life agenda and give impetus to what is most urgent for learning and growth. The current topic focuses on the energetic basis for our repeating behavioral patterns, those thoughts and feelings that can be so obstinate and unyielding in our current psychology.

This writing is a continuing discussion for my students concerning the nature of our karmic themes and the dynamics of healing and transformation using primarily the techniques of Deva Work as developed by myself and Rachel Kaufman over the last 25 years.

The language that we use at the Deva Foundation may be colloquial to many. One of the phrases we commonly use is the term, the emotional body. This body which is a subset of our astral energetic body holds memory, specifically the layers of karmic memory that have collected and attached through countless lifetimes. These valuable memories are not inconsequential, but ones strong enough to overpower and shock the ego to the extent that the person is imprinted and identified with that experience. There may be an experience of fear that has overshadowed the self where we feel that we have become overcome by the experience of fright, or an experience of loss or tragedy that knocks us down and flat and holds us in grief for some period of time. I am not talking about healthy emotion here but almost always an emotional experience where we feel we have lost our self. It is a deep wound that we attempt to protect and defend from that point forward. These experiences are the core emotional themes that grow through time accumulating layers of similar experience around their core. We talk of it like the structure of an onion and our task is to peel the onion down to the core and then know it deeply within our soul for the purpose of liberation and eventual transcendence.

One characteristic of these emotional or karmic themes is that they are fractal in nature. They are clusters of the same repeating theme. For example, the theme of fear, the energy vibration is within a well-defined frequency range, but the object of fear, or the conditions that illicit the fear, and the consequences of the fear may change, but the fear-vibe is the same. The fears on the surface are subsets of the core fear. These are fractal variations with the same core, and that core originates from the collective consciousness that we incarnate into. The core then is continuously layered with new memories, experience after experience, lifetime after lifetime, leaving us with an individual configuration of memory and habitual patterning which we call our individual karma.

So at this moment in time we carry a host of different karmic packages with us, which like a lens, we look through and act upon, a web of blending, organic energies, some antagonistic, others finding a vibrational and behavioral symmetry of expression that define our individual personality. These behavioral precursors are not static but affect each other creating a dynamism through life, but some of these karmic themes may dominate and push themselves to the forefront time and again. We may see these overpowering themes such as fear, anger, depression, self-judgment, the expansive set of possible human challenges, as being beyond our control or influence to remedy, but our primary spiritual responsibility is to bring ever more consciousness to bear on this human ambition to evolve and grow more skillful in our life and relationships. So the question is always, “How do I change those karmic patterns that entrap me? How do I find liberation from my pain and suffering?” The current state of psychology and religion seems inadequate to insure reliable and practical progress in these endeavors.

I believe it is possible to advance this perennial quest. I believe that a psychospiritual approach can change the frustration of conventional approaches to psychological healing and well-being. The five steps of healing discussed in my blog, Mystical Musings, “How to Work on a Problem” provide an introduction to the philosophical basis of our Deva Work.

How do you alter/change/transform a fractal form? If you break it apart, you are still left with the seeds of the fractal that recombine. But if you could mutate it, where a new form entirely replaces the old form; the new form now substituting for the old, then an evolutionary advantage has been achieved.

The question is always, “How do we let go of a disadvantageous behavioral pattern? How do we let it go? We want to dissolve it, transcend it, and liberate ourselves from its trap of repetition. We talk of the “quickening” like the centrifuge, where the heaviness of low vibration energies is thrown out of the system, using natural law to cast away or purify our energetic field. It seems natural, desirable to quicken into a higher frequency of consciousness. The quickening requires some symbolic energetic enhancement, some high-energy download, some cosmic energy to break the current paradigm. But we are also ignoring the role, though many times occult, of the Divine Intelligence here. The quickening makes the density of a karmic pattern lighter, more pliable; it opens its energetic structure and prepares it for the penetration of a higher consciousness mutation. In that fluid state of emotional energy, a divine insertion of positive change occurs altering the dynamics of that emotional configuration. Unlike current evolutionary theory that looks at the role of time and chance providing advantage, we acknowledge divine intervention, but not as some isolated gift or boon, but the co-creation of higher intelligence in concert with the unfolding path of the human being. It is what we call Higher Self, working with the potential of individual and collective awareness possible in a given time. The idea of mutating the fractal nature of the emotional energy patterns allows for a real change in those patterns, not just pushing them aside but literally changing them. In the brain we would see it as an altered configuration of neural connections that give a new pathway to the energy. When you add the potency of a slightly enlivened consciousness or enlivened life force (ch’i) surrounding and empowering that physical and energetic location in the nervous system, it creates significant advantage. Imagine that part of the brain lighting up a little brighter than the previous part, the energy running a little more like a superfluid than before, the antagonistic neural factors being reduced so that the flow is less obstructed and more efficient.

We know this is possible, both by watching our own personal development and the evolutionary changes within others. We use this theoretical model to visualize how the changes within our energetic field and its corresponding psychophysiological nature could occur. The more we understand, the more we can take our imagination to the next step.

Rick Phillips


A Prayer For You

July 19th, 2009, Posted in Uncategorized

I Pray for Whatever takes your breath away

I Pray for Whatever creates wonder in your life

I Pray for Whatever opens, nourishes, & elevates your heart

I Pray for Whatever amazes & touches you with awe

I Pray for Whatever is magical & mysterious

I Pray for Whatever blows your mind

I Pray for Whatever reveals a deeper truth

I Pray for Whatever attracts you, allures you, inspires you

I Pray for Whatever opens your creativity

I Pray for Whatever unifies you with it all

I Pray for Whatever you fall in love with

I Pray for Whatever gives you the passion for life

I Pray you follow it relentlessly.

Rick Phillips
Singapore Public Lecture

Mystical Musings #1

June 19th, 2009, Posted in Uncategorized


Our Deva website has finally been given a new life symbolic of our personal and community re-creation. We are completing one cycle of the Tarot, 22 years of service since our dream began manifesting in late 1987. All the archetypes have been generous in their teachings; the Death /Rebirth archetype ushered in the needed change when Rachel and I left the Light Institute in Galisteo, NM and recently it shook our world again as we passed through Rachel’s transformative health crisis and near-death experience.

Many individuals fear the arrival of the unexpected trials that blast their way into our lives; I certainly felt the trauma when Rachel set the stage for her near-death experience of both lungs shutting down due to blood clots in her pulmonary arteries and then again when the medicine that was to heal her blew her brain apart with a massive hemorrhage putting her into a coma for 3 weeks. Many of you know the story of her miraculous journey. But all those dramas are not really the point; it is the journey which returns us back to our essential humanity that is crucial. The gods duty as they spin their archetypal energetic webs around our concepts is to wake us up to that which we have not been aware of, bringing us back home to our authenticity of purpose and back to a unique expression of a living human being.

One aspect of life is to strip away the unnecessary attachments of who we think we are into who we truly are. As we can see all around us at this moment in history is that humans generally need a good stimulus to pay attention beyond the habits of the status quo. Rachel’s life is one of example; she has never shied away from the unspeakable, but repeatedly brought it out to us all to contemplate, if not to participate in. Death/rebirth is the central theme of evolution and Deva is now restructuring to improve its ability to be of service in a world in need.

A review of our Deva history shows that we have been a force for good. We have educated and trained thousands in the areas of personal growth, spirituality and psychology, and have inspired people to create peace in their worlds. We have created and contributed to 8 major charitable projects around the world, many of which are still prospering. Our Deva Lands in the Valencia Valley of New Mexico has been an embodiment of sanctuary and realized spirit for so many beautiful beings who have been our guests. Now, we are striving to expand our services and resources and make them available to all that are called here. Our Deva Intentional Community is now re-creating itself to open its arms to all in need of spiritual sanctuary whether it is short-term or long-term. As we watch the alpine fields that surround us here, we never really know what new flowers we will discover, what wild animals may visit, each springtime awakening different in its expression. So it is with us, yet we are thrilled with anticipation of what is surely coming our way. Come join us for our new chapter of discovery.