Inner Work Sessions


Healing Room

Healing Room

THE NAME DEVA, which comes from Sanskrit, means Divine. Also, DEVA is said to be synonymous with an angel, or more specifically, with an earth or nature spirit…a manifestation of the fundamental laws of nature. We have chosen this name because it represents a return to the naturalness of all things, including our individual “natural” knowledge. For many of us this knowing has been forgotten too long. We wish to awaken it.


We believe that every human being is unique and special; that each of us has an individual history of experience that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; that this totality of experience lives in our conscious and unconscious being and that it directly determines how we live our everyday lives. We also believe that every individual has, deep within, a central spiritual source. This inner knowing is often called the Higher Self. Call it Higher Self or by another name, it makes no difference. It is that part of us that is all-knowing and all-loving. The Higher Self is the totally accepting Divine force within us all that is always available for healing, growth and guidance.

To facilitate your unique healing process, we assist you in consciously connecting to this Divine Energy and through this connection, we help you energetically clear the attachments of your Emotional Body.
The Emotional Body is that energetic part of us that holds addictions and attachment to traumatic memory. It is the seat of our anger, fear, sorrow, judgment and guilt. It is what keeps us from experiencing our true power and bliss. Through the quickening energy of your Higher Self, Deva Facilitators help you distill out of the Emotional Body those themes that have blocked or inhibited certain areas of your life. The Deva process facilitates the energetic clearing of old habitual behavior patterns that, although we know intellectually we no longer need, we keep repeating anyway. Once these themes are cleared, we become free to manifest our full potential.

The Deva Sessions provide inner experiences which may include past-life recall, significant present life memories, symbolic or allegorical stories and physical and emotional releases. By healing the old, you make way for the new. The Deva sessions are truly multidimensional. The Higher Self may guide you into an infinite variety of possible experiences.

This psychospiritual clearing work consists of a minimum of four sessions that last from 2-2.5  hours each. Additional sessions can be scheduled in one series or separately.


07-cfp-036Advanced sessions have been designed for a variety of important purposes: for clearing the Emotional Body of highly specific issues, for clearing the Emotional Body in regard to significant people in your life, and further developing and expanding your relationship with the spiritual energy of the Higher Self. These sessions allow the individual to expand consciousness into the realm of God Experience and to integrate more deeply their innate Divinity into daily life.

The Deva Energy Balancing Session has been designed to enhance the body’s ability to strengthen and a align its etheric and physical energies through various cranial-sacral work, bodywork, and other energetic techniques. This session can be scheduled along with the other Deva sessions to provide an integrating influence. It lasts 1 1/4 hours and costs $80.

Deva in Italy:


The fees for the Deva Sessions vary from country to country. The local fees for the initial four sessions are $100/hr. (includes tax). Each additional session will cost $250.00. When traveling overseas there can be an increased fee to cover traveling expenses. Reduced fees will be considered upon written request.

If you would like to schedule appointments, you may contact Rick directly and he will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the work. Because they often schedule appointments for weeks or months in advance, please call as soon as possible to schedule the dates you want.

Resident Deities

Resident Deities

What do people who have done the work have to say?

“I didn’t experience ecstasy on the table. I experienced sadness, sorrow, anger, fear and an intense feeling of incompleteness. The ecstasy and bliss came later as my Higher Self filled those wounded places with love and light. A true healing experience!”
Norman West, Advertising Executive Jackson, Mississippi, USA

“In that climate of absolute trust and safety, I experienced the change of my life. I now see things with such clarity and have become my own discoverer of my Divine Self.”
Uve Jarck, Businessman, France

“My life is changed forever. I am no longer burdened by life’s complexity, but rather experience peace in a way I never imagined possible. With this comes a sense of freedom which speaks of new opportunities, success, and a world filled with joy rather than pain.”
Diane Sarris, Psychologist, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“After many years of searching, I have finally discovered a group that I can wholeheartedly embrace. Because individual empowerment is paramount with the Deva process, it dovetails perfectly with my own goals of establishing and nurturing a relationship with my Higher Self. What a refreshing experience to find an open, accepting, and honest group of people who know that answers are within each of us, for each of us.”
Randy Hawkins, Importer, Boulder, Colorado, USA

“I saw doors open, only to realize they had been open all the time. I passed through the doors and found myself where I belong – in the light. My life changed.”
Wilhelm Streit, TV Journalist, Munich, West Germany