Possible Experiences


The Exploration of Consciousness —-the discovery of who you truly are, the transcendence of the personal ego and your connection to spirit and other dimensional realities.

The Exploration of Memory and Past Life Regression—-regression into past memories which may include perinatal, prenatal, childhood, or past lives in order to understand the origin of personal and collective karma in terms of this present, relevant moment.

Working with Archetypes and the Symbolic-—understanding your personal archetype and its themes in your life, empowering yourself and understanding archetypal energies at play in your life.

A Journey into the Heart Chakra—-sessions designed to identify and release the blocks and shadows of your heart, so that you may experience the heart’s unconditional love for self and others.

Healing the Inner Child—-identifying and releasing the wounds and attachments of your childhood in order to clear your emotional body and open consciousness to your Divine Child and the love, peace and joy of your true nature.

Exploring Extraordinary Experiences—understanding and integrating such experiences as near-death, UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, visions, God/dess experiences and psychedelic experiences.

Psychospiritual Counseling—-combining psychological and spiritual techniques to facilitate clarity and provide new insights on life’s challenges and teachings.