Intentional Community

deva-bldg-1The Deva Sanctuary is an “intentional community” where together we share a conscious vision of spiritual life enjoying and caretaking this precious sanctuary of nature within and without. Our vision is one of honoring each person’s path of life, where each person is personally responsible, and willing to be of service where possible. Our meditation temple, organic gardens, our apple, pear, apricot, plum orchards, greenhouse, flower gardens and ceremonial areas require loving attention which the community would be responsible for caretaking. Some labor would be compensated monetarily, some by barter, but most by sharing nature’s abundant bounty.

07-cfp-0272Our community is small in number, yet spacious in size (a total of 65 private acres backing up to a thousand + acres of National Forest.) We currently have 4 permanent residents and one family as part time residents/owners. We are hoping for another 2-3 long-term residents. The rental of rooms, cottages, or a house on the land is possible after submission of an application and completion of a personal interview. Our primary requirement is a good heart, a love of nature, and a mature willingness to be of support to the Deva Community and the worlds around us.

For those interested in joining our community allow me to paint a picture of our existing physical resources and their possibilities:

The land is diverse, partly forest, partly alpine meadows, with 2 running streams: the Glorieta Creek and the Galisteo Creek situated in a valley and hills backing up on the south to the Santa Fe National Forest.

We have an animal-proof, organic garden in full bloom and a second garden sited and prepped for use with 1600 gallons of rainwater collected from the roof nearby. We have dozens of flower and culinary and medicinal herb gardens spread across the land. We have 25 mature apple, pear, plum, apricot trees. We have a horse corral and chicken coop. We have bee hives to share their delicious bounty. We have a 3 acre fenced grazing field that could be used for animals, plus 30 acres of unfenced alpine meadows. We have a small greenhouse but are thinking of building a larger one. We have a wine cellar that can also be used as a root cellar. And the land has many sacred sites, meditation areas and art sites. It’s undoubtedly a great place to live.