Workshops & Trainings

Here at Deva we are committed to providing holistic education and training to care for yourself and others in a world in need. Our programs are ultimately designed to prepare you and empower you to be of service.

devaviewDeva Facilitator Training in New Mexico
A 2-part training to enable you to become a Deva Facilitator.

Deva Facilitator Training in Italy at the Deva Academy, Castel San Pietro TermeĀ

Vision Questing the Sacred Path of the Soul
A 4 week workshop for those who are deeply committed to manifesting the sacred vision of your soul. This program is also the prerequisite, Part One of the Deva Facilitator Training program.

The Renewal Sessions
A custom-designed experience to nurture, heal, and empower your being. As we connect to our Spirit clearly again, we are able to walk our evolutionary path consciously again.

picture-101To Serve All As God
We feel bliss when all is well in our lives. What about all the other moments? Can we learn to find holiness in seemingly difficult situations? In ordinary, everyday Life? In the mundane? This workshop is for those who are committed to living God’s light and love in every moment of your life.

Divine Child Workshop
A one or two day psychospiritual workshop designed to release the pain of your wounded inner child through the emergence and empowerment of your Divine Child.

Heart Retreat
For those eager to transform their hearts into instruments of Divine Love. A four to seven day retreat devoted to healing the pains, wounds and sorrows of the heart so we may move unhindered into the joys, passions, unconditional love and compassion of our Divine Heart. We focus on those issues that block authentic connection to ourselves and others.

Healing Communication
One or two days of transformation focusing on healing the pathways of energetic communication, both inwardly and outwardly
Overcoming Judgment
A day devoted to understanding and healing our deepest karmic themes, the judgment of ourselves and others, which causes and perpetuates the illusion of separation in life

A one or two day workshop which refines our ability to let go of the emotional baggage of the past. Forgiveness in its empowered state is a potent healing energy that can release the wounds and pain of our hearts thus increasing our capacity or unconditional love and compassion

buddha3Mindfulness Retreat
Come experience days of mindfulness training, meditation and retreat. The art of the present moment is practiced and developed in our program of sitting and walking meditations to experience the stillness within, chanting, nature meditations and healthy gourmet food.
Extraordinary Encounters
To listen and to share the mystery of our extraterrestrial encounters in order to understand and to integrate these experiences into our life. This is designed for those who have had or are interested in close encounters with UFO’s and extraterrestrial cosmic beings.