Deva Facilitator Training

smilingThe Deva Foundation is dedicated to the protection of the planet and the growth of individual and collective consciousness. The 2 month Deva Facilitator training course is one such activity that fulfills our purpose. This training is one of the most unique holistic growth experiences that is available on the planet today. It is an experience that blends all of the qualities of spiritual growth with emotional and physical healing, not to mention the application of a potent dose of intellectual understanding about the mysteries of our inner and outer world. Spiritually, it is a time to unify our conscious mind with the Divinity Within (our Higher Self), and to put that wisdom to work to release karmic issues/illusions of our Emotional Body. At the same time, your personal experience and training is put to use in facilitating others in both their emotional processing and their multidimensional healing. At the conclusion of the training you are ready to go out into the world and offer service to those in need, while continuing to work on yourself through the reflection of your clients. It is an enviable profession and it requires hard work, but the rewards are immensely fulfilling.

The Deva Facilitator training, an intensive course of instruction is taught primarily by Rick Phillips and Rachel Kaufman.Photo Mar 20, 1 31 41 PM

Emphasis is placed on individual healing and the communication of clarity in facilitating another person’s process. This requires a commitment to yourself to clear the shadows within you and radiate the compassionate heart. Therefore, the only requirement for the training is the profound understanding of the scope, nature, and application of this work that extensive personal experience provides. This understanding can not be enumerated by the number of sessions you have completed, but obviously, session work is most essential before entering the course. The Deva Facilitator includes a concentrated package of instruction to prepare you to work with clients.

offering1Upon graduation you are given an opportunity to work in conjunction with the Deva Foundation and its charitable functions, or to work independently. The only commitment required is to be true to yourself and to the philosophy of Deva.

The cost for the program fluctuates each year according to the number of students. The tuition fee is approximately $5,800. Many students share housing and automobiles, thus saving money. We have trained 72 facilitators from 10 countries, speaking a total of 16 languages. Individualized (personal) training courses may be arranged to suit your needs, schedule and background. Please call us if you wish to pursue this avenue.

The Deva training is not just another training; it is the preparation to fulfill life’s purpose. The relationships created are for life, and the intimate feelings they provide will always be a part of the reward for coming together to share and to grow. If you feel this is perfect for you, then contact us for information on how to apply.

Ultimately, your greatest teacher is to live with an open heart.

What we vividly imagine, ardently desire, enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.
Colin P. Sisson