Divine Child Workshop

We are much more than a personality, we are a Soul! The Divine Child Workshop is a day of psycho-spiritual exercises and meditations to move us more into the energies and essence of our Soul.

The Divine Child Workshop is designed to use the symbol of the “Child” as an entry into the attachments of our Emotional Body by accessing those memories and relationships of childhood. The wounded Inner Child will embody and express those and other karmic themes, while our Divine Child will help us heal the daily effects of those themes.

happy9The Emotional Body is one aspect of our multidimensional nature. It holds the memories of overshadowing emotional experiences which defy time, they do not just fade away but are perpetuated over and over in our life as karmic themes. These themes, such as fear, helplessness, being the victim, sadness, feeling alone and separate, judgment, etc. are the opportunities for personal growth.

The embodiment of our spiritual nature is called the Higher Self; it is that “inner knowing” that can show us our repressed past and present life memories and their purpose in our life today. The Higher Self knows who we’ve been, who we are at this moment, and who we are to become. Through the wisdom and unconditional love of the “God Within” we can heal and release the energetic attachments of emotional bondage. In this workshop, we experience our Higher Selves in the symbolic form of the Divine Child.

The workshop uses psycho-spiritual meditations and symbolic exercises to open the door to the Emotional Body as well as to provide the power of spiritual consciousness to clear those attachments which prevent us from manifesting our full potential. As we clear the blockages to our spiritual nature, the wounded Inner Child transforms into the liberated Divine Child. The Divine Child is the container of our wisdom and our spiritual qualities. The workshop will allow the Inner Child or Wounded Child to evolve and realize its divine spiritual nature, and will provide valuable insights into our personal and family karma as well as tools to free ourselves into the enlightenment of our Higher Self/Divine Child.