Heart Retreat

group4A Vibrant Opening of the Heart

The Deva Foundation, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, invites you to join Rachel Kaufman and Rick Phillips for a heart-centered, communal experience. A time like no other you have lived. Designed to change the way we all live.
The Heart Does Not Live in Isolation. We are all part of the material, spiritual, and emotional life of our planet. The clearer and stronger the heart opens to Self, the clearer and stronger the heart can, and must, open to others. Heart Retreats are about Healing and Loving.

This Is Not a Retreat for Everyone. It is for Pioneers and Explorers. It is a retreat for those eager to transform their hearts into instruments of Divine Love. It is for those whose hearts long to open and trust.

If you are firmly committed to creating authentic, supportive relationships that will transform yourself and thus the world, this retreat is for you. And if the thought of spending time in deep work, intimately interacting with others, strikes terror in the fiber of your being, then this is definitely for you. It is through our fears that we find freedom.

Shared by only a small number of participants, Heart Retreats are gentle yet probing.They take place in a trusting, heartfelt and supportive environment. Each Retreat will be geared toward the specific needs of the group.

Using guided meditations, energetic techniques, interactive-psychospiritual exercises, art, music and lectures, we will focus on the topics that most commonly block authentic connections to ourselves and others. All this leads to personal processing, transformation and liberation. We will dis-identify from the ego-infused personality and re-identify with a soul-infused personality.

asiansWe begin by identifying and experiencing those energies and attachments which block our hearts from loving ourselves and others. It might be fear, anger, disappointment, regret, guilt, and so on. Once experienced we will then move into the process of releasing and letting go.
Self judgment is the energy that denies the God/dess Within.

We will study the issue of our self judgment. Judgment destroys all self-acceptance. It erases all hope of authentic connection with Self and others. It creates the chasm of separation and it is the source of our society’s deepest, most denied pain. Self judgement is the source of our ego’s illusions. To become aware of how judgment-caused separation permeates the fabric of our life is to empower ourselves with the ability to dissolve its tenacious grip on our heart and our society. Through the opening of our heart comes the healing of not just our lives, but all the lives that our judgment-free heart touches with the empowerment of acceptance and unconditional love.

This retreat allows no more denial. We will focus on the blocks. We will move into them. They will know the healing of love and compassion as separation melts into unity.

The Grace of Forgiveness

Within the throat chakra we hold the bitter clog of the past, hungry for the divine act of forgiveness. We will practice forgiveness of your precious self and others. This path goes straight to the heart. Each moment of forgiveness intensifies our freedom. But the work has a snowball effect. What starts as tools used in a group event will continue gathering power throughout the retreat and beyond. We will all experience the grace of forgiveness.

The Path of Love and Intimate Relationship

We all desire love and intimate relationship. We will be awakening our hearts to loving the self in order to love others more intimately and deeply. This is our spiritual path. We will invite love to awaken us to the deeper powers of life, for to be in relationship is to be fully in life! We will experience the challenge of the human heart to feel tenderness, unconditional love, and the divinity that links us all.

In addition, we will experience:Compassion and Loving Kindness, Path of Heartfelt Service, Inner Child and Divine Child, Human Heart and Divine Heart, Embracing the Shadow, Balancing the Yin/Yang

Besides the full schedule of activities, there will be ample time for interaction, reflection, singing, chanting, dancing, and art. The work will be intense. So most evenings will be unscheduled to allow the participants time to process the impact of the day.

We intend this time to be rooted in tangible techniques, activities, and tools. This is not theoretical or “mind-only” work. Our intention is that no matter where you are on the inner planes, you will come to know a distinct, profound, and permanent change in your heart.

Four & Seven day retreats available. For further information contact Deva Foundation.