Renewal Sessions

Open your Heart to the Joy of Life!

• Develop a deeper understanding of yourself
• Connect with loving, spiritual energies
• Relax and unwind from everyday demands
• Find a source of wisdom in yourself
We will design an individual program to provide a profoundly nurturing and spiritual experience for you. Here are some of the tools we use to bring about wholeness and well-being in your life:
Deva sessions

hpyflwr2Spiritual techniques (i.e., meditation classes)
Lifestyle counseling
Stress management & relaxation techniques
Bodywork for deep relaxation & nurturing
Energy balancing sessions
Shamanistic ceremonies in the Medicine Wheel
Contemplative prayer in the outdoor temple
Cleansing and purification rituals in the sweat lodge
Quiet time and reflection to regain harmony and balance
Soaking in the peaceful vibration of the land and sky
Hiking and nature walks in sunshine and clean, invigorating air
Astrology, tarot readings, and other divinatory tools
Chinese medicine practitioner sessions

Cost and program length will vary, depending upon your heart’s desires. Please contact us to schedule your individual retreat.


“Words cannot express how fortunate I feel in having met the two of you. Thank you for everything. You are both truly extraordinary!”
C. Grissom
“Thank you for helping me grow. I feel deeply nourished by my experience here. I leave with more love in my heart.”
I. Schguanim
“This is one of the most beautiful places I have seen.”
M. Gomez
“The experience here was one of mysticism, magic, harmony and peace. Fantastic work.”
A. Rose